Ghosts, spirits and life after death


Firstly I should make it clear that I am not a ghost hunter, I do not go out searching for them, nor do I use any sophisticated equipment to contact any spirit or energy. I simply tune in to their frequency and away I go, it’s that simple. This site and my books are not about monsters, the Chain Saw Massacre, Halloween, Chucky or anything like that. They are about the truth and what really does go on in the connection between us the human being and the spirit world. They are closer than you think, close enough to feel their presence.

Hello and thank you for calling in.  My name is Spooks, well, that’s the name I use to write my e-books. Let me tell you a little about myself. I have for about 25 years been able to see, hear and talk to the dead. Haaa it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are into the same as me it is very exciting. I am a medium I guess, a channel for the spirit word. Most nights around 3 am I have a visit from a spirit wanting me to pass on a message to a loved one or a friend.  It will always be someone I know in some way.  However sometimes it can be very hard to work out who the message is for.  90% of the people I pass it on to are very happy about it, but there are some who think I make it all up and think I need to be locked away. Other times I will get a wandering spirit pop their head in and wake me up, just for the hell of it.  These are the ones that I don’t like so quickly get rid of them.

I have seen many things in visions given to me by my spirit guide’s.  My visions are like dreams, but I am awake at the time. Some are simple visions warning me I am going to be ill, but some are more serious and are telling me of some impending danger, earthquakes, plane crashes, shootings and more.  I know what you are thinking, “Why don’t I tell people about the plane crash.”  It’s simple, because when I am shown these visions they are set in stone as far as the spirit world are concerned and nothing I do or say will ever stop it.  It is just that I am in tune with the powers to be upstairs and they are helping me to get better each day by teaching me more about what I do.  I do hope to be able to help one day and use the gift I have.

I have written 3 books now so I wont go too deep on here about everything.  If you are very interested in haunting, ghosts, spirits, and things that go bump in the night then you will enjoy my books.  Even if you are just starting out these books will be very helpful to you. They are written in what I call layman’s terms and easy to understand and all on Amazon, the first e-book is called;

“There’s a ghost in my house” by Spooks.

The second in the collection is called “A walk on spirit street” by Spooks.

Book three is called, “Ashes to ashes and back”  by Spooks, again on Amazon, Smashwords and many bookshelves around the world.

I have started the fourth book and hopefully will be released in 2017, this one is called “I Will Be Back” by Spooks.

Feel free to have a look and read about them.  I am always interested to hear from others who are interested in the unexplained and the supernatural. I am always looking for new stories for my books.  The stories I write about are true, nothing made up, the photos are of real ghosts or spirits showing themselves to the camera. None of the real photos in any of my books have been doctored in any way, nor have they ever been seen before.  90% of the stories are new and the rest are folklore and old locals tales.  I hope you enjoy them. Best read at night and alone for the full effect.

Love and Light


I Will Be Back


Welcome to my latest book on the unexplained and supernatural.  You may not be a believer, but I think once you have looked through this book, you may just have a different view on this matter.

I would like the thank Holly Bell and the team from “The Keepers of Lost Souls” paranormal research team in  the USA.  Without their help I could not have written this book. Some of their photos even took my breath away.


cover I will be back

As you might have guessed already this book is called, “I Will Be Back.” for a very good reason, because there is proof in this book that when your dead, you can, and do come back to visit us here in our world for whatever reason. To help us, to ask for help or some other  reason.  Some of the darker pictures of ghostly figures may have to be viewed out of the bright sunlight as they are quite dark as they were taken at night. Like all of my books, every story is true, every photo of real spirits and ghost are very real and have not been doctored in any way, except enlarged for your viewing.  This book is not for the young or those of a nervous disposition.  The pictures and some of the stories may give you sleepless nights.

I am always astounded at how many people have had experiences with the spirit world.  I am also astounded how many people still think we make it all up.  As I always say, I am not trying to convert anyone to believe in what I believe in.  All my books are about are the experiences of myself and others who have been touched by the spirit world with either a smell, a touch, a full on sighting or something else that helped them make up their minds.

This book is better read at night in bed last thing for the full effect.  Then you will see if you believe of not.  But do remember that all stories and pictures are the real thing. Good luck and sleep well, if you can.


The Claw


I may well have been a medium for 26 years now, but some things I do find a bit weird. I don’t get scared at all by the spirit world, I welcome them with open arms and love it when they come to visit and pass on messages to me so that I can pass them on to their loved ones.  Around the start of 2017 I teamed up with a lovely lady in the USA, she is unique in her own way and invites spirits to her house to talk to and video, weird? well you might think so, but she get some amazing results. As I said I have teamed up with The Keepers of the Lost Souls in the USA, we may be on different continents but we work brilliantly as a team.  We have decided to look for missing people, obviously in the job we do they are most likely not going to be alive at this point. I only look for missing people in the States or other foreign countries and NOT in the UK where I live, for obvious reasons. However if we were approached by the police in the UK to look for someone, we would certainly give it a go. The founder member of the team called, The Keepers of the Lost Souls already works for the Federal Department in the States.

But weird is what this attached photo really is.  It was taken by the founder member in her own home in the middle of a case we were on. (Sorry no names.) She was asking for a certain individual in spirit, suddenly the spirit turned up.  You can see the head and face at the top of the picture, there is a blur of white in the centre, but look closer as that is pure spirit energy trying to form into a young face, you can see the eyes and a blonde fringe. But what baffled us was the distorted hand in the bottom left of the picture.  It appears to have only two huge long fingers, but as I look really close at it, the two fingers seem to both have a ring on them. We know who the top spirit is, we do not know who the blonde fringe face is, nor do we have a clue who on earth that distorted hand belongs to.  I’m not 100% sure I want to delve into that one really.  I am not liking the claw one little bit. It’s funny, you just know when you should not go there. The claw is one of those occasions.

Many people call us crazy or say we imaging what we see.  That is really OK with me for people to say that and even believe that, we are all different and have different beliefs.  But I just wanted to share a little of what we do and what we really see, and this is just a tiny little bit of what we do and see for real. Hope you liked the photo.  Sleep well  tonight wont you.


The claw ghost picy

Is this the ghost of Elvis?


This strange picture was captured by myself whilst working with, “The Keepers of Lost Souls” on a missing person case. Sadly it is not as clear as I would have wanted, but I am very grateful for it anyway. The one is obviously the real Elvis.  But why would a very similar picture suddenly appear on a concrete floor in a cellar in Portland, Oregon, USA? There was not trickery, no reflections of any kind of Elvis.

As you can see Elvis’s face is obscured by a white blob, on the clearer version of the original photo that too is a spirit face, but not that of Elvis.  What on earth is going on in this cellar? There were many spirit faces, but obviously Elvis caught my eye. I can’t believe the likeness between the original photo and the spirit picture. Oh how I wish I had captured his face as well. So is this really Elvis in spirit?



Elvis for realElvis 1

Thank you S.P.I.R.I.T. Paranormal


I have been using Twitter for a short while now and have come across some interesting people and some lovely people. One in particular is called Holly Bell. Holly is a co- founder of, Sacramento paranormal and research team.  They go under the name of S.P.I.R.I.T. Paranormal. These guys are amazing and really do contact the other side, not only that but their photos are second to none. This photo is just an example of what they have sent me for my new book out at the end of 2017 and called, I Will be Back.

As usual this like my other books, will be full of amazing true stories of the supernatural and the unexplained. Holly and the team have sent me enough material for 40 pages so I gave them their very own section in the book as a thank you. Some stories are scary and some are quite upsetting, but the photos are amazing. This one I simply call the lost soul. I will not go into too much detail now, but Holly is a very unique and unusual lady, she allows the spirits to live with her. If you want to know more you will have to wait for the release of the fourth book at the end of the year. But worth waiting for.

There are three other books out now on Amazon full of the same kind of material. They really are best read at night for the full effect. Sleep well won’t you, if you can.


This is a genuine photo of a real ghost, it has not been doctored in any way and was taken by; Holly Bell in the mirror at her home. They are closer than you think.

Lost spirit boy



A Darker Side of the Moon


This is a taster from my first book, “There’s a Ghost in my House,” by Spooks available now on Amazon Kindle.

I have many photos sent to me and many stories too.   This one I find fascinating, Why? because I know it is 100% real as it was given to me from someone I know and trust a lot. While he was on a year out and traveling Australia he made friends with a few people out there. This is him on the bed with some of his friends. Notice a normal Pink Floyd poster on the wall. The Dark Side of the Moon poster .

pink Floyd 4

Look at the poster much closer, can you see something else in the poster that should not be there. There is a face that looks like a rock singer with long shaggy hair and a goatee beard, also there is light shining on the side of his face. Take a closer look at the next picture.

pink floyd 1

Even larger picture of the face in the poster. But the interesting thing is about this, is that the face is BEHIND the rainbow so is not a reflection, it’s not printed on there. There was no glass over the poster to cause any reflection, there was no lights on, no fire on, and it was a pretty young lady who took the picture.

pink floyd 2

I believe it is one of the late band member showing his face on the poster, I checked out many pictures of Syd Barrett and Richard Wright, I do strong;y believe it is Syd Barrett who died in 2006 making an appearance. The likeness is striking in the days he had his long hair. It is simply amazing how a spirit can put themselves onto a poster for all to see them. But why this poster at this particular time, did he know I would see this poster and put it into my book for all to see?   He is in a good place now and free to do whatever he wants, the proof is in the poster.  God bless you Syd, rest in peace, we will never  forget you.



Are you an empath?


I am very much an empath. Empaths are strongly affected by other people’s energies and feelings. You are easily influenced by others moods and wishes.  However it’s not just about your emotions and how others affect how you feel, it goes a lot deeper than that.  Being an empathy means you are highly sensitive and will feel sickness, anger, emotions or many types from others around you, without even wanting to and without their knowledge.  There is an underlying problem for empaths because when you are feeling this way it could drive you to drink, drugs depression and many other things that you would not normally do.

An empath will always be a good listener to anyone’s problems. Empaths do not like loud music or any noise, they do not like crowded areas and prefer quieter places with fewer people. Some empaths however are more extrovert and will go out in crowded places like night clubs and pubs and shopping malls, however the time they can spend there is limited before they start to be affected by it all. True empaths are great at gut feelings about people and situations, and are usually right.  They can also pick up on what someone is thinking too.  I do tend to do that a lot. I am also not one for heavy relationships, they affect me a lot, and this is also a trait of an empath.  Are you an empath, try this simple test at;

Who Am I Talking To


I am asked many times,

“Who is it I am talking to in spirit.”

I explain that it can be anyone who has passed over to the spirit world.

“Is it safe to talk to them?”

It is safe providing you have a little idea as to what you are doing.  Also it helps a lot to know if who you are connecting to is of the light and not the dark.  I always protect myself with white light before any connection to spirit. I also use my spirit guides as the go between. They pass on all my messages.  I have in the past had a few strange link ups with spirit that have been a little scary to say the least. I do not deal with the dark side only the spirit from the light.  So by using my spirit guides as a go between I know I will only get good connections.

If you are in that place where you are connecting to spirit, that’s great and welcome it with open arms. But I do recommend you go through your spirit guides.  They will never lie to you, harm you, give you false information or make you feel scared. However, if you go solo and connect to any old spirit, you might be asking for trouble if you are not too sure what you are doing. Remember that spirit from the dark side will lie to  you until you believe. They will pretend to be a friend or a loved one and even have all the information that would convince you of that. But you will still not have that feeling of love and would probably feel unsure and maybe a little frightened. You will not feel like that with your own guides.  They will only take you as far as you want to go and no further.  Your own guides will gently ease you into it, where as the dark side pretty much push you.

So it’s pretty simple. Protect with light and use your own spirit guides as your go between. Stay safe and enjoy your spiritual connection. It really is amazing talking with family and friends from beyond the grave. You can all do this if you believe. I have sent many messages to people from their loved ones in spirit. 90% are very pleased with it, some do not want to know. Maybe because they are non believers or it scares them.  Whichever it is, I respect their wishes.

Love and Light


Hello, is there anyone at home?


This story took me quite by surprise.

A friend of mine has a girlfriend who was looking for a new place to live.  Rob my friend told his girlfriend Babs that my old cottage was up for rent as I had just moved out. Babs said,

“There is no way I would ever move into that house; I had a really weird experience in there one day.”canstockphoto14691232

Not actual cottage, but very similar.

Babs went on to say that in the early 1980’s long before I lived there and when she was married, she and her husband were driving through the village and had an accident and Babs was slightly injured. Babs wandered across to the cottage and knocked on the door, she was taken inside by an old woman, cleaned up and made to feel a little better.  A week or so later Babs husband went back to the old cottage to thank the person who lives there for attending to his wife.  There was no answer; a little old man was walking past at the time, who said,

“You are wasting your time knocking on that door my friend; no one has lived there for over six months since the old lady died who lived there.”

Her husband looked in through the window and the place was empty of everything. Babs had said that when she was taken into the cottage, it was sparse with furniture and what was in there was very old and worn out. She had noticed that the curtains were thread bare and had black mould on them too. However the cottage is all but empty of everything, how can that be? Where did all the old furniture come from, or was that also an illusion from the past, just like the old woman?

I lived there for 13 years and never knew of this story until now.  I always felt a nice presence in the cottage from the very moment I walked in, but what an amazing story. It can only have been the ghost of the old lady who helped Babs that day. God bless you old woman, I know you will never leave this cottage, and I don’t blame you at all, it’s beautiful.

Don’t ever think you are better than others. We are ALL equal.


Isn’t it strange how some people change towards others the moment they think they are one up, better in some way than everyone else, have more money, property, fame, or more?

It is my strong belief that no matter who you are, no matter how rich you are, no matter how many possessions you  have, you are STILL the same as your neighbour no matter who or what your colour. We were brought into this world with nothing and we shall leave with nothing.  So why do some think that they are BETTER than the next.

I used to have everything, be a number one DJ in club land, I was a radio DJ with the highest rated show the station ever had, and I owned a thriving guest house, also three houses I was renting out.  I may have had more money then, more than some people I knew, but I am pleased to say I was the first to give it away to someone who needed it. I did the job because I loved it from the heart and did it well because of that.  I did NOT  do it for the local fame and money. But one day I lost it all, BANG overnight, I do talk about this in my first book, “There’s a Ghost in my House,” by Spooks.

I was homeless and on the streets once, I will NEVER forget the man who helped me, I think about that every week of my life, had it not been for him I don’t really know where I would be now. I called him only in July 2016 and told him how much I thank him and think about what he did for me. If I see someone struggling or less fortunate, I want to help, I think we should all be like that, not running them down to the ground because they hit bad times.  Let me just say, just because you are wealthy, healthy and have everything you need, does not mean it can’t all go wrong in an instant.  One day you may need the help of those you spurned. My friend said to me only last night,

“Why do you stick your nose in to others business all of the time?”

I told her that I can’t help it, I can’t sit back and watch someone in a rut go down hill fast. Maybe that’s why I am here and what I am meant to do?

I can remember a story of a man I knew, he called around to my place and we had a couple of beers.  He started to cry and held his head in his hands. I asked what was wrong.  He said,

“Oh mate you wont believe how bad things are.”

He told me how they had just managed to scrape together the rent for the month but have NO food in at all, when he said none he meant none. I had money, I had food, I took him to my freezer and got a bin liner and filled it with enough frozen food to last him and his mum for about two weeks and gave him £20.  This is not about me by the way, hey look at me what I have done? It’s about how we should all be ready to help a neighbour, to stand in when you are needed no matter what it’s for. How could I have not helped this guy and his mum? it would have been so wrong in many ways.

My point being, treat everyone the same, give a little to your favourite charity, drop a £1 in the hat of that busker when you walk past. Have a nice smile for your neighbours and friends, because that might be you in a few years to come.  I know people may read this and think, Yeh that will never happen, I am made for life.  OOOoohhh don’t ever say that. There is a classic saying, “Oh how the mighty fall” I know too well. I’ve been there and seen it with my own eyes, people with everything one day and nothing the next, I was one of those people!

Just a thought for you to ponder on.

God bless


Angels of parking


The kids are arguing in the back of the car, the wife is moaning at you because she needs a new dress, it’s pouring down with rain, the radio is loud and annoying, you are starting to get angry because there are no parking spaces in the car park.  Well; all this time and you’ve had help at hand without even knowing it. It sounds totally ridiculous doesn’t it, but trust me it works.

My whole family use the angels of parking to find an empty space. Even my brother-in-law called me to ask what he had to do, and he drives huge articulated lorries. He had stopped at the side of the road and called me asking what he had to say to find a space, I told him and asked where he was, he told me at work in his lorry but his hours were up and the lorry sleeper park where he was heading was never empty so doubtful if he would get a space? He said what he had to say to the angels and within 15 minutes he called me back to say thank you. There was only one space and he reversed straight into it. He uses it all of the time now, so do all my nieces who swear by it. Providing you give it time to work it will, don’t expect to say it and 3 seconds later a space opens, it’s a huge plan that has to be implemented with an enormous knock on effect for everyone, this is what I say about 15 minutes before I get to where I am going.

“I ask in the name of our Lord for the angels of parking to please find me

a parking space ( say the name of where you are going) when I arrive

Any help will be gratefully received, Amen.”  cropped-canstockphoto5910279.jpg

It really is that simple, however you do have to believe in what you are saying and mean what you say, it’s not a joke or a game, it’s all part of a huge plan, ask me how they do it, I don’t have a clue, but I do sit sometimes in my parking spot and say thank you to the angels of parking with a huge smile on my face. I have never been let down in many a year. I am a believer and not just doing it for a joke. If you try it for fun and are doing it just for a laugh, you will get nothing.  However you may just see me drive past you as a car pulls out of a space and I drive straight in.

Good luck to you all, it really does work.

Love and Light